Granting Utilities Inspection with exceptional Drone Technology to warrant low downtime and costs

Empowering Utilities Inspection with latest Drone Technology

Ensure low downtime and minimize operational cost with Aerial Inspection


Tensa Labs Drones manifests drone-powered solutions for Powerline Inspections, transmission Tower Inspections, substations, and Cooling Towers, etc. Over the preceding few years, our Survey Drone Service has collected inspection data from sizable utility poles and towers across the country. Prioritizing quality and efficiency, we utilize drones outfitted with thermal and infrared sensors for Aerial Inspection. Our drone pilots have been trained explicitly for powerline and cooling tower inspections, making them a significant provider source for our success. Using thermal imaging sensors, they can witness and discover damages caused to these utilities. Survey drone services assisted with Thermal Imaging Sensors allow a more in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of such utilities. It has a plethora of benefits, including restored safety, diminished downtime, refined data output, increased operational efficiency, etc. The maximum advantage of, for example, tower inspection through drones would be fewer costs. This is because the technology is more affordable when compared to an on-ground crew for the same assessment.


Powerline Inspection


We offer Powerline Inspection services utilizing thermal imaging techniques to achieve engineering-grade levels of precision. We also submit geotagged data obtained through aerial inspection for a swift decision-making process. Through intense powerline inspection, we can successfully recognize the following:
  • Tower Concrete basement defects
  • Insulator Overheating
  • Wire Overheating
  • Wire Breaks
  • Tower Mechanical Defects
  • Wire Slag Estimation
  • Installation Check
  • Birds Nest
  • Antenna
  • Weather Damage
  • Metal Rust
  • Equipment Check
  • Missing Components (such as bolts)
  • Guyed Wire Quality
  • Electric Wire Joints or Wire Break
  • Cracks
Our Powerline Inspection drones furnished with ferro-magnetic protection allow us to carry inspections and fly in close perimeter to the powerline securely. An excellent alternative to traditional methods is that this survey drone service reduces costs by 30-50%, safeguards personnel, and contributes more valuable output.

Cell Transmission Tower Inspection


We aid businesses in recognizing structural damage, equipment damage, or potential hazards to their cell towers through our Aerial inspection service. The obtained data encourages clients to dx`efeat operational failures and enhance efficiency at a cheaper cost. Tower inspections can occur with them functioning as they do, and thus, this survey drone service results in a decrease of any downtime caused by other methods. Our Aerial inspection methodology increases efficiency due to Data accuracy, reliability, live streaming, and zoom/thermal/4k capabilities.